SleepPro for blocked nose

Helping you to sleep with a blocked nose

Although sleepPro has been primarily designed to help snorers, it has an additional benefit: users with a blocked nose will find it far easier to breathe whilst they are asleep as the snoring mouth piece will help them to breathe through their mouths instead.

SleepPro has a very large breathing hole and which helps to keep users’ mouths open slightly whilst they are asleep. In fact most users will find it easier to breathe whilst wearing it. If you are not a snorer but would like to breathe through your mouth more easily while you are sleeping, sleepPro can help.

We have been involved in treating sleep disorders and diagnostics since 1998. The sleepPro system was developed as an affective and affordable means of helping snorers. It is recommended by sleep clinics, doctors and hospitals throughout the country, Europe and Australia. If you are in need of a sleepPro Standard snoring guard, despatches can be made very quickly so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in no time.

sleepPro helps you to stop snoring – even with a blocked nose