Valium(Diazepam): A Signature Anti-Anxiety Medication


Valium(Diazepam): A Signature Anti-Anxiety Medication

Valium(Diazepam): A Signature Anti-Anxiety Medication
  • Drug Name: Valium (Diazepam)
  • Tablet Strength: 180 pill x 10mg
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Valium is one of the most well-known medications used to treat anxiety. Read on to find more about its beneficial calming effect, doses, and potential side effects.

As for other essential recommendations, here is a brief list:

  • Do not take it longer than prescribed due to the high risk of dependency.
  • Do not attempt to increase or lower the dose on your own — the medication may cause withdrawal effects when the therapy is rapidly discontinued.
  • If you miss your daily dose, do not take a doubled dose in an attempt to compensate for the missed one. Take your dose as soon as you remember.However, if you remember about it when it is near the time when you should take another dose, just skip the missed dose.
  • Do not drink alcohol during your treatment because of the high risks of life-threatening effects.
  • Grapefruit juice may interact with the drug, causing unwanted effects. Avoid taking any products containing grapefruit while on Valium.

Valium: Choose a Life without Anxiety

Anxiety disorder severely decreases the quality of life of millions of individuals worldwide. According to wide-scale surveys, anxiety disorder affects up to one-third of the worldwide population at some point in their lives. People suffering from it often have to deal with higher risks of substance abuse, suicide attempts, and reduced emotional and physical health. Many people with anxiety disorder are also affected by related illnesses.

Valium is a signature medication in the treatment of different types of mental disorders associated with anxiety. Patented in 1959, it quickly became one of the most recognized medical brands. Suffice to say that its very brand name has become a generic title, a synonym for calmness and relaxation.

Indications and Uses: Why Take Valium

It belongs to the group of benzodiazepines. This preparation contains a potent depressant of the central nervous system (CNS), capable of reducing symptoms of excessive neuronal activity. The anxiety disorder often develops when the human brain overacts, constantly sending too many signals through certain parts of the CNS.

This medication multiplies the impact of natural calming substances (GABA) produced by the human body. Consequently, its administration provides rapid results, reducing unwanted reactions.

This drug is used widely to treat not only anxiety, but also seizures, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Note that it is available only by prescription. Not only it may cause life-threatening side effects when misused or abused, but the treatment with Valium may also cause dependency.

How to Take Valium: Essential Warnings

The drug comes in tablet form designed for comfortable oral intake. You should take it according to the schedule designed by your therapist. The correct dose is determined taking into account your age, previous medical history, allergic reactions, weight, etc.

More on Valium: Potential Side Effects and Precautions

As for the actual unwanted reactions, this preparation rarely causes noticeable side effects. The most frequently observed of them are the following:

• Drowsiness.

• Sleepiness.

• Troubles with coordination.

• Muscles weakness.

• Mental confusion.

In case of serious side effects, you should immediately seek medical help. Allergic reactions to any of its components are rather rare, yet they should be treated with the same level of caution: seek urgent professional help, if you detect any sign of allergic reaction to this preparation. .

Note that abrupt discontinuation of the therapy is not recommended due to potentially harmful withdrawal symptoms. Its active ingredient passes through the placental barrier. It also may be found in human milk. Because of this, this drug should not be used to treat pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Final Thoughts

Doubtlessly, Valium deserves its high praises as one of the most potent anti-anxiety drugs in medical history. Nevertheless, its effectiveness should be perceived as a double-edged sword: while extremely useful, this medication may cause life-threatening side effects when misused or abused. Make sure you take it according to your therapist’s prescriptions to avoid such adverse reactions.